Oscar Austin Gardner

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1894- 1980

Rev. and Mrs. O. A. Gardner

Rev. Oscar Austin Gardner, 86, Sharon, TN died February 9. His 57 years of ministry were spent in Hopewell Presbytery. In an article written in 1978 he stated, "It seems to me that the seminary, the college and the church are in good hands and the field is ready for harvest. If we will only feel indebted to all these things we can go forward to a greater church than ever. This is in our reach if we will just use what we have. I have given almost sixty years to the ministry in it and it has been rewarding in every way. I am in debt to the church in every way."

He had conducted nearly 1,000 marriage cerremonies and over 1,950 funerals. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Vera Gardner, a daughter, Miss Lurline Gardner, and a minister son, Joseph.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 15, 1980, page 11]

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