Ephraim Brevard Ewing Family Information

2.12.13. Ephraim Brevard Ewing
son of Rev. Finis Ewing and Margaret Brevard Davidson]
born: 16 May 1819 - Todd County, Kentucky
died: 21 June 1873
married: 4 June 1845 - Ray County, Missouri
wife: Elizabeth Ann Allen
[daughter of Dr. Thomas Allen and Nancy Watkins]
[sister of Henry W. Allen, one-time governor of Louisiana]
born 1821
died: Jefferson City, Missouri

Children of Ephraim Brevard Ewing and Elizabeth Ann Allen Ewing: Anna Ewing
born: 29 March 1846 - Richmond, Missouri
died: 6 January 1894 - Washington, D.C.
married: 23 July 1873
husband: Francis Marion Cockrell
[son of Joseph Cockrell and Nancy Ellis]
[Brigadier General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War]
born: 1 October 1834 - Warrensburg, Missouri
died: 13 December 1915 - Washington, D.C.
buried: Warrensburg, Missouri

Children of Anna Ewing Cockrell and Francis Marion Cockrell: Ewing Cockrell
lawyer in Johnson County, Missouri
born: 28 May 1874
married: 3 June 1896 - Staunton, Virginia
wife: Leacy Peachy Williams
[daughter of Leroy Eustace Williams and Flora McDonald]

Children of Ewing Cockrell and Leacy Peachy Williams Cockrell: Anna Ewing Cockrell
born: 22 June 1898 Flora McDonald Cockrell
born: 14 June 1900 Francis Marion Cockrell
born: 14 December 1906 Eustace Williams Cockrell
born: 5 November 1909 Marion Cockrell
born: 3 August 1875
married: 14 February 1903
husband: Edson Fessenden Gallaudet

Children of Marion Cockrell Gallaudet and Edson Fessenden Gallaudet: Francis Cockrell Gallaudet
born: 14 April 1904 Marion Cockrell Gallaudet
born: 10 February 1907 Denise Gallaudet Francis Marion Cockrell, Jr.
born: 17 January 1877
married: 5 November 1902
wife: Miller Pope
[daughter of W. S. Pope and Lucy Miller]
born: 6 February 1879 Ephraim Brevard Cockrell
born: 7 May 1881
married: St. Louis, Missouri
wife: Hazel Hogan Allen Vardaman Cockrell
born: 22 January 1883
wife: Mrs. Frances Elliot Reed Anna Ewing Cockrell
born: 26 May 1884
married: July 1911
husband: Lambros A. Coromilas Alice Brevard Ewing
born: 1847 - Richmond, Missouri
died: 10 January 1914
married: 13 October 1880 - Jefferson City, Missouri
husband: John Read Samuel Walker
[son of Anthony Smith Walker and Mary Elizabeth Read]
born: 18 March 1846
died: January 1900 - Kansas City, Missouri

Children of Alice Brevard Ewing Walker and John Read Samuel Walker: Alice Ewing (or Brevard) Walker
born: 29 July 1881
never married John Read Walker
born: 31 December 1882
wife: Virginia ?

Children of John Read Walker and Virginia ? Walker: Anthony Walker Anthony Ewing Walker
born: 16 December 1885 - Boonville, Missouri
wife: Anna Bell

Children of Anthony Ewing Walker and Anna Bell Walker: Ewing Addison Walker
born: 1914
died: 1915 William McLeod Walker
born: 1917
died: 1919 John Brevard Walker
born: 2 July 1919 - Hattiesburg, Mississippi
wife: ? ?

Children of John Brevard Walker and ? ? Walker: Nancy Ann Walker Grace Anthony Walker Frances Annabelle Walker John Ewing Walker Ephraim Brevard Walker
born: 17 November 1893
wife: ? ?

Children of Ephraim Brevard Walker: Ephraim Brevard Walker, Jr.
born: 8 December 1919 Henry Watkins Ewing
born: 4 July 1849 - Richmond, Missouri
died: 1 September 1898 - Battle Creek, Michigan
married: Jefferson City, Missouri
wife: Mattie Chappell

Children of Henry Watkins Ewing and Mattie Chappell Ewing: Mary Ewing Clay Ewing Jack Ewing Dorothy Ewing
born: 1894 Margaret Davidson Ewing
born: 1852
married: 1877
husband: John Cabell Wilkinson
born: 13 December 1946

Children of Margaret Davidson Ewing Wilkinson and John Cabell Wilkinson: Margaret Wilkinson William Tudor Wilkinson Jane Alice Wilkinson John Cabell Wilkinson, Jr. Elizabeth Allen Wilkinson Florence Ewing Wilkinson Dorothy Brevard Wilkinson Florence Ewing
married: 1885
husband: Thomas Oliver Towles
born: 1840
died: 1915 Charles Beverly Ewing
wife: Leila Johnson Ephraim Brevard Ewing, Jr.
died young


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