Henry Field Delany

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1788 - 1831

Henry F. Delany, after amassing considerable property at the practice of law, professed religion, and devoted himself to the ministry. He was a man of great earnestness and power in the pulpit. He delivered the first address on the subject of Temperance that the writer ever heard. It was not a set address, but seemed rather a spontaneous talk, delivered in one of the judicatures of the church. It was brief but expressive, and good seed was sown. Mr. Delany died near Morganfield, in 1831 or 1832.
[Source: History of Kentucky. By Lewis Collins. Vol. 1, 1976, page 435]

Henry F. Delaney, also a Kentuckian, was a man of no small ability. He had been a very successful lawyer for many years, and was surpassed by few in the part of Kentucky in which he practiced. After he turned his attention to the ministry all his powers were devoted to that nobler work. He would hold an audience spell-bound, overwhelmed with feeling; and seldom failed by the influence which accompanied his sermon to bring crowds of anxious inquirers to the altar of prayer. And short as was his ministerial race, I doubt not that in the day of eternity many stars will be found in his crown of rejoicing.
[Source: Cumberland Presbyteriansim in Southern Indiana. Compiled and arranged by Rev. W. J. Darby and Rev. J. E. Jenkins. Published by Indiana Presbytery, 1876, page 74]

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