William Humphrey Cheatham

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

Presbyterian Church, U.S. 1960-1969

1901 - 1969

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As previously arranged, Rev. J. A.Whitener took charge and opened the doors of the Presbytery for any who felt a call to the Gospel Ministry to come forward. Brother Wm. Humphreys Cheatham presented himself and, upon being duly examined, he was received as a licentiate, under the care of Chattanooga Presbytery, and licensed to preach the gospel in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, having been a licentiate in the M.E. Church, South.
[Source: Minutes of Chattanooga Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, April 7, 1926, page 6]


Name: Cheatham, W. H.
Presbytery: East Texas
To: Presbyterian, U.S.
[Source: 1961 Yearbook of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, page 77]

Cheatham, William Humphrey--b, Lincoln Co, Tenn, Ja 18, 1901; f, George Fleming C; m, Matilda Ellen Sanders; w, Ora Ross (d), Nashville, Tenn, Dc 26, 24; son: William R; BryC, 19-22, WestKySC, 31; Tex-Tech, 36; L, Ap 26, O, Sp 7, 26, CumbPbnCh; in CumbPbnCh, 19-60; recd, Ap, 60, NETex Pby; p, Rush, Tex, 60-2; Westminster ch, Texarkana, 62-4; p, 1st ch, Bonham, 64-;
[Source: Ministerial Directory of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. 1861-1967, page 98]

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