Avalette Harris Chapman

1813 - 1849

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

Licensed by Logan Presbytery - September 23, 1837

Ordained by Logan Presbytery - October 11, 1839

Rev. A. H. Chapman was born September 13, 1813. He professed religion October 8, 1832; joined the Little Muddy Congregation on the twenty-first of the same month. He was then about nineteen years old. In process of time he joined the Logan Presbytery as a candidate for the ministry, was licensed and ordained in due course. After his ordination he devoted himself mainly to itinerant preaching in the upper portion of Logan Presbytery. He is said to have been a good English scholar, and to have read Latin well. His views of truth were clear and distinct, and he sometimes presented them with great power. He died August 22, 1849. Nothing is said of his death, but that it was calm and triumphant. He died at the house of Thomas Barnett, Esq., in Greene county of his native State.

[Source: Beard, Richard. Brief Biographical Sketches of Some of the Early Ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Second Series. Nashville, Tenn.: Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1874, page 173]

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