Robert Ewing Burroughs

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1911 - 1978

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Son of Rev. H. J. Burroughs Marries Miss Frances Sherrell

Mr. Ewing Burroughs, son of Rev. H. J. Burroughs, pastor of the Fayetteville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was married to Miss Frances Sherrell on Nov. 9, Rev. George W. Burroughs, pastor of Arrington Street Church, Nashville, uncle of the groom, saying the wedding ceremony.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sherrell. She is a graduate of Cumberland University in the class of 1933. The bridegroom is a graduate of Morgan School at Petersburg and attended Bethel College at McKenzie. He is postmaster at Fayetteville.

Photo of Mrs. Burroughs through the courtesy of the Nashville Tennessean.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 30, 1933, page 13]

R. E. Burroughs, 67, pastor of Kelso, Tn church the past 25 years and brother of former dean and professor Raymon Burroughs, Bethel College, McKenzie, TN died December 9.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, February 1, 1978, page 11]

The Burroughs Family of Preachers

PICTURED ABOVE is the "man power" of the Hugh J. Burroughs family, all ministers except one and he is an elder. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rev. Hugh J. Burroughs, father, pastor of the Jasper, Tenn. church; Ewen [sic: Ewing], an elder in the Red Bank church, Chattanooga; Rev. Raymon, dean of Bethel College, McKenzie, Tenn.; Rev. Courtley [sic: Cortley], pastor of the Pana, Ill., Presbyterian church; Rev. Amos, recent B.D. graduate of the Vanderbilt School of Religion, and pastor of the Petersburg, Tenn., and Coker, Ala., churches; and Rev. William, recent A.B. graduate of Bethel College and pastor of the Ebenezer church, Mason, Tenn.

"We can think of no more potential power for Christ and his cause than this one family," states Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pylant, Petersburg, Tenn., who made this picture available for use here.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, June 20, 1950, page 4]

Impact of the Life Of Ewing Burroughs

By Don H. Thomas

Columbia Presbytery, the Kelso Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and Lincoln County, TN has sensed a deep loss with the passing of Rev. Ewing Burroughs at the age of 67. True to his calling, though seriously ill himself, he conducted services only a week before his sudden passing in December. His ministry was mostly in the area where he lived and served the Kelso Church for over 25 years. He also served a community church, Crystal Ridge, and the Camp Church.

True greatness is often overlooked for it is often not acknowledged as those who have functioned in wide circles and high offices. Now the true greatness that counts in the life of the denomination is that of faithful pastors at the grass roots who remain servants and ministers. Ewing Burroughs was such a pastor. No doubt he knew more people of the county than any other pastor. He was a pastor far beyond the congregations he served and was deeply involved in many community concerns.

He was a member of the Lincoln County School Board 12 years, and chairman four years. Significant decisions for consolidation of high schools and construction of buildings were made during his leadership. He was most active in other community programs. As pastor of Kelso Church he saw 117 members added, 24 infants baptised, and performed 60 weddings. His conducting 312 funerals during his years in the county gives some indication of how others outside his congregation looked to him as pastor. He served in most every way in the presbytery.

Ewing was the son of the late Rev. H. J. Burroughs who also pastored the Kelso Church earlier for some eight years. He is survived by his wife, Sue Burroughs; his mother Mrs. H. J. Burroughs; a daughter, Mrs. Diane Freudenberger; a son, Mike Burroughs; two sisters, and four brothers, Rev. Raymon Burroughs, Rev. Cortley Burroughs, Rev. William Burroughs, and Amos Burroughs.

The funeral service was conducted by elders of the Kelso Church. No minister had part in the most impressive service, which was a testimony to the influence that Rev. Burroughs had on the lives of people in his congregation. Mr. Charles Gibson who brought the message at this service, is now assuming the pastorate of Kelso Church. He recently came under the care of Columbia Presbytery as a candidate for the ministry.

The impact of the life of Ewing Burroughs is understood and deeply appreciated in the local community, and the wider circles should know it.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 15, 1979, page 14]

In Memory of the Following Ministers

Name--Age: Burroughs, R. E.--67
Date of Death: September 9, 1978
Presbytery: Columbia
[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1979]

Burroughs Family Information

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