William Franklin Broome

1841 - 1919

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

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Photograph from The Minutes of Clarksville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 10-12, 1911, page 2.


The REV. W. F. BROOME (Uncle Billy) as he was lovingly known and called by almost everyone who knew him, was born June 20th, 1841; married Martha Baggett nearly fifty-two years ago; died April 6th, 1919, aged nearly seventy-eight years. Uncle Billy as a young man served four years as a soldier fighting for the Lost Cause, and like everything else that he did he did it to the best of his ability. He professed religion and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church a number of years ago, becoming a soldier of the Cross (The winning side). He was always interested and anxious about the souls of others and did a great work in his community in bringing them to Christ. He was ordained to the full work of the ministry after he was sixty years old, was elected Moderator of Clarksville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the Spring of 1912. All who knew Uncle Billy loved him, and he will be greatly missed in our councils. He cannot come back to us so let us strive to follow him to that home of peace and happiness prepared for all of us who love the Lord.
             REV. J. E. POWERS, Moderator.
             E. T. ALWARD, Stated Clerk.

[Source: Minutes of Clarksville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, March 18-20, 1919]

Broome Family Information

William Broome
[son of ? Broome and ? ?]
wife: Elizabeth Cobb
[daughter of William Cobb and Hannah ?]

Children of William Broome and Elizabeth Cobb:

1. Mary "Polly" Broome

2. Perry Broome

3. Martha Jane Broome

4. Francis Epps Broome

5. Harriett Broome

6. Charles Wesley Broome

7. James Madison Broome

8. William Franklin Broome
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
born: 20 June 1841 - Tennessee
died: 10 (or 6) April 1919 - Shiloh, Montgomery County, Tennessee
married: 3 January 1867 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
wife: Martha Baggett
[daughter of John Oliver Baggett and Elizabeth (Betty, Eliza) Davis]
born: 1844 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
died: 1917 - Montgomery County, Tennessee

Children of William F. Broome and Martha Baggett Broome:

8.1. John Marshall Broome
born: 25 May 1867 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
died: 18 August 1924 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
buried: Keesee Chapel
married: 18 January 1898 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
wife: Betty Byrd

8.2. Susan E. Broome
born: 30 March 1870 (or 1869, or 1872) - Palmyra, Montgomery County, Tennessee
died: 2 November 1952 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
buried: Keesee Chapel
married: 27 December 1892 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
husband: Levi Smith Heggie
born: 10 April 1869
died: 25 March 1943 - Marion, Montgomery County, Tennessee
buried: Marion Methodist Church Cemetery-Marion, Montgomery County, Tennessee

Children of Susan E. Broome Heggie and Levi Smith Heggie:

8.2.1. Alma Ethel Heggie
born: 25 October 1893
husband: ? Williams

8.2.2. William Donnell Heggie
13 October 1895
died: 11 October 1919

8.2.3. Louise Rebecca Heggie
born: 22 September 1898
died: 3 January 1983 - Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee
buried: Greenwood Cemetery
1st marriage: 19 January 1917
1st husband: Wallace Hester
2nd husband: James Enloe Powers

8.2.4. Honor Heggie
born: 30 July 1901
died: 20 April 1949
wife: Grace Cotton

8.2.5. Leon Heggie
born: 23 November 1903
wife: Nell Davidson

8.3. Lucy A. Broome
born: 1875
died: 1952
married: 1893 - Montgomery County, Tennessee
husband: James Isham Suiter

9. Susan Broome

10. Jesse E. Broome

11. Mary Ann Broome

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