J. P. Bright

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1914 - 1993


Lost? ... Gone Forever? ... NO!

Recently we lost a pastor from our presbytery. He had retired a few years ago, but he was still with us. He was still available to everyone who had the time to pay him a visit. You see, he was on the honorably retired list. God called him for a lifetime of service. There was no time limit on that call. The age 65 was just another milestone, not a retirement date.

Although Rev. J. P. Bright had retired due to failing health, he still availed himself to those who needed what he had stored up over the years.

Although the physical stature of the man was small, he was a giant among his peers. Within his head, covered with a beautiful crop of snow white hair, was a reservoir of knowledge. It was an accumulation of decades of experiences, trials and tribulations, both good and bad. In each episode there was a lesson learned and J. P. was always willing to share it with those who would be willing to recycle that information. There are those who have similar experiences but retain it as if they are "saving it for a rainy day" or that "it may come in handy someday." Packrats store up and hide this information but J. P. believed in recycling and sharing when asked.

This person was one who tapped that vast reservoir of knowledge on more than one occasion. I got answers to problems in the church, in the presbytery as well as problems of life. The information was always good, sound and beneficial. It was always backed up by the Scripture.

We walk a path through life of our own choosing. I am glad I chose the path that allowed me to cross that of J. P. Bright, pastor, honorably retired not from the old McGready, Tennessee Valley or Hope Presbyteries, but to God's mansion, where Jesus had gone to prepare for him a place.

Thanks, Brother Bright, for sharing with me and passing on to me knowledge which otherwise would have been gone and lost forever. You will live on in all of us whose lives you have touched in one way or another.

Reverend J. P. Bright died July 14, 1993, at Florence Hospital, Florence, AL. he was a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, who pastored many churches during his tenure and the last 15 years were spent in Florence, AL. J. P. is survived by his wife, Mildred; son, Keith Nelson Bright of Florence; daughter, Jeane Bright Shaw of Ft. Smith, AR; and five grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

A memorial fund has been set up at the First Church, Florence, AL in memory of Rev. J. P. Bright. Interested persons may contribute to this fund by forwarding their gift to the Rev. Eddie Jenkins or to the Treasurer, First CP Church, 2422 Hermitage Dr., Florence, AL 35630.

by Major L. Snow, stated clerk, Hope Presbytery
Florence, AL

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, October 1993, page 23]

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