John E. Braley

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

1816 - 1859

BRALEY, J.--Was born in Warren county, Tenn., Nov. 9, 1816; and in his twentieth year he made a profession of religion at the Old Liberty Camp-ground, Tenn.

He turned his thoughts to the ministry, and was under the care of Chapman Presbytery, March 23, 1849. He became a member of Elk Presbytery, and was licensed March 8, 1842. After itinerating for some years he was ordained April 2, 1849. He labored in the eastern part of Arkansas until his death, Sept. 13, 1859, of typhoid fever.

He married Miss Sarah A. Rollin, Nov. 21, 1843, who, with five children, survives him.
[Source: The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Remembrancer of the Church, by Joseph M. Wilson , vol. 3-4, 1861-1862, page 282-283]

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