Samuel Bowman

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

c1826 - 1880


WITH sadness we chronicle the death of Rev. S. Bowman, which occurred at his home in Prospect, Butler county, Pa., Oct. 24th, 1880. Brother Bowman was fifty-four years of age. He suffered severely for several months from epithaliomia. On the Lord's own day, that day on which, as a faithful watchman he had so often lifted up his voice for the Master, he called him home. During his suffering he was patient and resigned; he said he spent happy hours with his Saviour; he talked of his approaching end with the most perfect composure. After he had secured homes among friends for his children, he seemed to have taken leave entirely of earth. Seldom do we find such evidence as he had of his acceptance with God; without a doubt or cloud obscuring his moral horizon his sunset in a sea of glory. As a pastor, he was quite successful; his social qualities were more than ordinary; he had many warm friends, and was universally respected and esteemed. His education was good; he was devoted "in the work of the ministry." When, from the effects of diphtheria he partially lost the power of articulating some words, as the next best means of doing good, he engaged in labor for the Tract Society. When he became able, though he never fully recovered the use of his voice, he engaged in the work of the ministry until disease disqualified him altogether. During the early part of his ministry he organized several congregations. During the latter part he nursed one into life that was in a dying condition. As a Presbyter, he was faithful. He had a methodical mind, and was prompt and energetic in the transaction of business. He had the confidence of his brethren to such an extent as to be chosen to represent them in the highest judicatory of the Church. He leaves four children, one son and three daughters, who are now without either father or mother, after the flesh, but "one is their Father, even God."
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, December 2, 1880, page 1]

Deceased Ministers

Rev. Samuel Bowman, Allegheny Presbytery

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1881, page 20]

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