J. S. Bone

1846 - 1924

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

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Rev. J. S. Bone, son of Rev. Henry F. Bone was born February 24, 1846, in Izard County Arkansas. He professed faith in Christ and joined the Big Spring congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in September, 1856. He entered the service of the Confederate Army in the spring of 1864 and served until June, 1865.

He was married to Margaret A. Conyers March 16, 1865. Was elected to the office of ruling elder and ordained in the Big Spring congregation in 1866. He joined the White River Presbytery as a candidate for the ministry in September, 1868; was licensed in September, 1869, and ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry in March, 1875. Entered Mountain Home Academy in the fall of 1870, and continued in said school until the close of the school year in the spring of 1873.

He has missed but one meeting of Presbytery since offering himself as a candidate in the fall of the year 1869, and missed that meeting while in school. All of his ministerial life and work has been spent in the bounds of the White River Presbytery, and always attending the sessions of Presbytery whether far or near, and going horse back, sometimes a two days journey, but he was there faithful to the trust placed in his hands. He has preached and served as pastor to nearly every congregation in the bounds of the Presbytery at one time and another.

He has attended five General Assemblies as commissioners, and two as visitor; has been at nearly all the Synods of Arkansas since his ordination. He has missed but few appointments in his work, and has been faithful to all the trusts and enterprises of the church, loyal almost to the letter to the Assembly's Boards.

He has served as stated clerk of his Presbytery for thirty-five years.

When the attempted Union came he was found at his post, a true soldier of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, stood faithful to his conviction of right, and would not be swerved by glare and earthly glory.

[Source: Our Senior Soldiers: The Biographies and Autobiographies of Eight Cumberland Presbyterian Preachers. Compiled by the Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication. The Assistance of Revs. J.L. Price and W.P. Kloster is Greatfully Acknowledged. Nashville, Tenn.: Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1915, pages 277-278]

Report of Stated Clerk on Mortuary

White River Presbytery.--Rev. J. S. Bone, Mt. Pleasant, Ark., active, died May 23, 1924, aged 77 yers.

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1925, page 105]


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