Samuel Black

c1826 - 1888

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

Black.--Died, December 8, 1888, the Rev. Samuel Black, aged sixty-two years. Our Brother Black was raised in McMinnville, Tenn.; educated in the literary and law departments of Cumberland University. In 1854 in Waco, Texas, where, after a few years' practice in his profession, feeling it to be his duty to point sinners to the way of life, Woe is me if I preach not the gospel, he abandoned the law for the ministry. And for a number of years in Texas and north-west Arkansas he labored as a humble minister in our church. In his last days it was a comfort to him that his services had been with and for the poor. Earlier in life unbelief gave him much trouble, but for many years he had settled all questions of doubt on the Lord's side, his dying words were: "I know, I know that the Bible is true." For a number of years his home and labors were in north-west Arkansas. His health failing, a few years ago he sought a milder climate in the southern part of Indian Territory, where he patiently waited for the end. His sufferings were great, but his last hours were easy. Having served his generation he quietly fell on sleep. A good man, an earnest Christian has entered the mansions of the blessed. His earthly remains are now resting on a beautiful eminence overlooking a lovely valley of the Red River of the South, a spot selected by himself as a fit place from which to join the host that shall rise on the resurrection morn. Our prayer is that his family and friends may join him in the bright home above.


[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 14, 1889, page 8]

Gone Before

Samuel Black
Guthrie Presbytery

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1889, page 167]

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