William Ramsay Bennington

1824 - 1876

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister


It becomes our painful duty to report the death of Rev. W.R. Bennington, which occurred in this place on the 8th ult.

Bro. Bennington was formerly a respectable minister in the Methodist E. Church, and united with the Ozark Presbytery of the C.P. Church in the fall of 1867; that step he took as he has often expressed, because he was truly a Cumberland Presbyterian in sentiment.

He was educated in the school (Bethany College) of the celebrated A. Campbell, and it was hoped by many of his friends that he would adopt and defend the peculiar doctrines advocated by his preceptor, but God ordered it otherwise.

Not long after leaving college he made a profession of the religion of Jesus, which he preached while living and in which he rejoiced in death. Teaching was his chosen life-work, and in which he certainly excelled, and many of our youth will long hold him in grateful remembrance for his zeal and faithfulness in leading them up the hill of science.

Bro. Bennington was not what the world would call a talented preacher, yet he was clear in his perceptions of Gospel truth. His preaching was peculiar to himself, for he copied no man and did his own thinking. His polemic abilities were of a high order; and were tested on several important occasions, in which he did not come off second best.

He struggled for several weeks with a complicated disease, and though he fell, he conquered. He will be missed in his family, and his brethren will miss him in Presbytery, in the social circle, and in our public meetings; but our "God can supply all our needs."

May a kind Providence sustain his bereaved family, and all who mourn his absence.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 9, 1876, page 1]

Deceased Ministers

Rev. W.R. Bennington - Ozark Presbytery

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1876, pages 27 and 111]


Family Information

Johnathan Bennington
born: 4 November 1789 - Germany
married: 1818
wife: Jane Cartmell Ramsey
[daughter of Robert Ramsey and Margaret Cartmell]
born: 1791
died: 13 December 1862 - Millport, Knox County, Missouri

Children of Johnathan Bennington and Jane Cartmell Ramsey Bennington:

1. John Bennington
born: 1820 - Germany

2. Robert Bennington
born: 1822 - Adams County, Ohio

3. William Ramsay Bennington
Cumberland Presbyterian Minister
born: 13 December 1824 - Adams County, Ohio
died: 8 February 1876 - Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri
buried: 10 February 1876 - Greenfield Cemetery, Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri
married: 4 September 1842 - Greene County, Ohio
wife: Pricilla Wall
born: 9 October 1826 - North Carolina
died: 7 December 1903 - Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri
buried: Greenfield Cemetery, Dade County, Missouri

Children of William Ramsay Bennington and Pricilla Wall Bennington:

3.1. Johnathan Bailey Bennington
born: 17 July 1845 - Greene County, Ohio

3.2. Jane M. Bennington
born: 1849 - Iowa

3.3. Mary L. Bennington
born: 7 May 1850 - Iowa
died: 21 December 1908 - Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri

3.4. Harriet Rebecca Bennington
born: January 1853 - Iowa
died: 1930 - Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma
buried: Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma
married: 17 February 1878 - Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri
husband: John Alphus Backes
[son of Joseph Backes and Amy Jackson]
born: October 1857 - Illinois
died: 1930 - Clinton, Custer County, Oklahoma
buried: Clinton, Custer, Oklahoma

Children of Harriet Rebecca Bennington Backes and John Alphus Backes:

3.4.1. Leon A. Backes
born: 12 April 1880 - Missouri

3.4.2. Claud R. Backes
born: 1884 - Missouri

3.4.3. Roy L. Backes
born: 1886 - Missouri

3.4.4. Mae R. Backes
born: 1888 - Missouri

3.4.5. Addie F. Backes
born: 1890 - Missouri

3.4.6. John W. Backes
born: 1893 - Missouri

3.4.7. Charlotta Josephine Backes
born: 6 July 1896 - Verdella, Barton County, Missouri
died: 15 April 1940 - Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona
buried: Mesa Cemetery, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona

3.5. Margaret E. Bennington
born: 1856 - Missouri

3.6. Electa E. Bennington
born: 1860 - Missouri

3.7. Katie P. Bennington
born: 1862 - Missouri

3.8. Datie P. Bennington
born: 12 April 1867 - Missouri
died: 17 August 1872

4. Jacob S. Bennington
born: 1825 - Adams County, Ohio

5. Hugh Bennington
born: 1827

6. Tommy Bennington
born: 1830

7. Elizabeth Bennington
born: 1832

8. Johnny Bennington
born: 1834

9. Margaret C. Bennington
born: 1837

10. Nancy Jane Bennington
born: 1840

11. Miriam M. Bennington
born: 1842


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