William Holmes Baldridge

1805 - 1894

Cumberland Presbyterian Minister

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BALDRIDGE.--William Holmes Baldridge was born in Lincoln county, North Carolina, on the 14th day of May, 1805. He moved with his parents to Maury county, Tennessee, in 1815. He professed religion in 1829 and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Mt. Pleasant the same year. He at once commenced to conduct meetings and to assist in them. Though impressed that it was his duty to preach, he refused to recognize it for some time. He placed himself under the care of Elk Presbytery March, 1831, and was licensed by the same, March 24, 1834, and was ordained by the Richland Presbytery at the Hopewell Church, March 22, 1837. Brother Baldridge grew up to manhood surrounded by the hardships incident to pioneer life. By sacrifice and hard study he obtained a good education for his day and was regarded by many who often heard him as one of the ablest ministers of his time. He was acquainted with the fathers of the church and often labored with many of them in camp and protracted meetings. He was often called upon to defend the doctrines of his church, which he did with ability. Ministers of his day were often called upon to do this as the church was young and many of other denominations seemed to think that it ought not to exist. He spent a good portion of his early ministry in circuit riding, preaching twice every day. On one occasion he notes that he preached four times and rode forty-seven miles between resting places. He was pastor of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Nashville, Tenn., in 1839 and '40, serving it two years. Afterward he organized the First Church at Columbia, Tenn., organizing with nine women and two men. He states that he had to borrow an elder from a country congregation to complete the organization of this church. He was married to Miss Nancy C. McDonald, March 9, 1830. There were born to them one son and four daughters. On account of his wife's health they moved to Alabama in 1856. She died June 7, 1858. He labored twenty-three years in McGready Presbytery and is the last minister who was connected with the organization of the presbytery. He was married the second time to Mrs. Jane E. Anderson, September 20, 1859. There were born to them five sons and five daughters. With this family he moved to Texas, December 18, 1883, and lived with them in the southern part of Collin county until his death. The first few years after coming to Texas he preached some at protracted meetings and always attended the services of the church when he was able to do so. He suffered much in his last years. He lost to a great extent both his hearing and sight. His devoted wife would read to him and both she and the children did all that could be done for him to make his last days pleasant. Surrounded by family and friends he passed quietly over the river of death on the 15th of May, 1894, aged eighty-nine years, one day. His remains were followed by a large procession to Wylie, where his funeral was preached by the writer, and his remains buried near the town where they will await the first resurrection morn. May his mantle fall upon one or more of his sons and may his bereaved wife and family find comfort in that Savior to whom he so often directed them. W.P. CLOYD.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, June 14, 1894, page 15]

Report of the Committee on Deceased Ministers

Name: W.H. Baldridge
Presbytery: Dallas
Date: May 15, 1894

[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1894, page 46]

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