Agnes Emily Morgan

1868 - 1948

Cumberland Presbyterian Missionary

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The consecration service of Misses May and Agnes Morgan, of Watson, Mo., to the missionary work in Japan was an occasion of much interest. These exercises were conducted by Mrs. Alvah Johnson, of Indiana, consisting of addresses by the Misses Morgan, followed by an address by Rev. C. H. Bell, D.D., closing with the charge from the Board of Missions.

Mrs. Johnson represented the Woman's Board in a few well chosen remarks, after which Rev. J. W. Fitzgerald offered the consecration prayer, exercises closing with the song, "God be with you till we meet again."
[Source: Ninth Annual Report of the Woman's Board of Foreign Missions, of the C. P. Church, With the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, Held in Lebanon, Tenn., May 12th, 13th and 14th, 1889, page 37]

Others to the Foreign Field.--The meeting at Lebanon, Tenn., May, 1889, was one of great interest, for here were laid upon the altar of service, two young lives, willing to obey the great command. The minds of all present seemed to center upon the services held here Monday evening, consecrating Misses May and Agnes Morgan to the foreign work.

The services were conducted by Mrs. Alvah Johnson, assisted by other members of the Board. The young women spoke of their calls as a steady growth in purpose. "We had been Christians since childhood, and have always thought we were called to this work. The importance of it, and the need of more workers, as well as the small number who were both willing and able to undertake it, was very evident to us.

"The question then came to us, were we of the number to whom the Lord was calling to teach the Word in that field" After much thought and study we applied to the Board, but on account of our youth, could not be accepted. We spent the intervening years in preparation for our future, whatever it might be. During this time there have been many opportunities to test whether it was missionary work or something else, and our prayers have always been for our Father to lead us in the right way. There have been doubts, but these have passed away, one after another, with whatever else might have stood in the way of our going."

The charge from the Woman's Board was given by Mrs. Alvah Johnson, and the Assembly's Board by Dr. C. H. Bell. The closing prayer by the Rev. J. W. Fitzgerald, of "sweet memory" will never be forgotten. The services closed with "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."
[Source: History of the Woman's Board of Missions of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1880-1933, by Miss Frances C. Maghee, Mrs. Mary M. Graf, Mrs. R. E. Burchett and Miss Mamie Wilson, Published by the Woman's Board of Missions of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tenn., 1934, page 45]

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