Historical Foundation
of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
and the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

8207 Traditional Place
Cordova, TN 38016

Anne Elizabeth Knight Adams Heritage Fund

Rosie Magrill Alexander Trust

Paul H. & Ann M. Allen Heritage Fund

Grace J. Beasley Birthplace Shrine

Ethel Beal Benedict Heritage Fund

Birthplace Shrine Fund

James L. & Louise M. Bridges Heritage Fund

Mark & Elinor Swindle Brown Heritage Fund

Sydney & Elinor Brown Heritage Fund

Centennial Heritage Endowment

Walter Chesnut Heritage Fund

Lavenia Campbell Cole Heritage Fund

Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America Heritage Fund

Cumberland Presbyterian Women Archival Storage Endowment

Bettye Jean Loggins McCaffrey Ellis Heritage Fund

Samuel Russell Estes & Mary Grace Barefoot Estes Endowment

Family of Faith Endowment

Gettis & Delia Snyder Gilbert Heritage Fund

James C. & Freda M. Gilbert Heritage Fund

James C. & Freda M. Gilbert Trust

Mamie A. Gilbert Trust

Henry Evan Harper Endowment for Cumberland Presbyterian History

Ronald Wilson and Virginia Tosh Harper Endowment

Historical Foundation Trust

Donald and Jane Hubbard Heritage Fund

Cliff & Jill Hudson Heritage Fund

Robert & Kathy Hull Endowment

Into the Nineties Endowment

Joe Ben Irby Heritage Fund

P. F. Johnson Memorial Endowment

Irene A. Kiefer Endowment

Chow King Leong Endowment

Jimmie Joe McKinley Heritage Fund

Gwendolyn McCaffrey McReynolds Heritage Fund

Dennis Lawrence & Elmira Castleberry Magrill Trust

J. Richard Magrill, Jr. Heritage Fund

Joe Richard & Mary Belle Magrill Trust

Edith Louise Mitchell Heritage Fund

Lloyd Freeman Mitchell Heritage Fund

Snowdy Clifton and Lillian Walkup Mitchell Heritage Fund

Rev. Charles and Paulette Morrow Endowment

Virginia Sue Williamson Morrow Heritage Fund

Anne Elizabeth Swain Odom Heritage Fund

Martha Sue Parr Heritage Fund

Florence Pennewill Heritage Fund

Morris & Ruth Pepper Endowment

Publishing House Endowment

Mabel Magrill Rundell Trust

Samuel Callaway Rundell Heritage Fund

Paul & Mary Jo Schnorbus Heritage Fund

Roy and Mary Seawright Shelton Heritage Fund

Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Ellis County, Texas Endowment

Hinkley & Vista Smartt Heritage Fund

John W. Sparks Heritage Fund

Irvin Scott & Annie Mary Draper Swain Heritage Fund

The Trustee Heritage Fund

F. P. "Jake" Waits Heritage Fund

To contribute to an existing endowment or start a new one please contact the

Historical Foundation.

Updated April 9, 2018