Saint James

Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America

Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee

Hiwassee Presbytery

Tennessee Synod

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Saint James Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America
151 Short Street
Cleveland, Tennessee 37311

It has been determined that the church family of Saint James Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized during the year of our Lord 1879 in Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee. After having been blown over in a storm, the church was placed back on its foundation and the original sanctuary building still stands today. Since that time the church has undergone five major remodeling. The first was during the pastorate of Rev. T. J. Fletcher in July 1906 - August 25, 1907. The second major remodeling was completed under the pastorate of Rev. H. A. Sheeler ending on August 26, 1945. The third major change was the addition of an Educational Building completed under the pastorate of Rev. L. B. Tinsley, which as dedicated on March 3, 1959.

Under the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. Mitchell Walker, Sr. a fellowship hall and an all-purpose building were added with the expansion of office space and the addition of administrative facilities.

Much is still unknown as to the early beginnings of the church and some of her early leaders. Therefore, this report is intended to record the names and dates as that information is available at this time with the hope that more will be collectible at a later date. Therefore, this is an initial stage of recapturing glimpses of some of the personalities of the church.

Pastors (beginning with the most current)

Beginning in 2001, Rev. Rhonda Westfield
Beginning in 1997, Rev. Dr. Mitchell M. Walker, Sr.
Beginning in 1976, Rev. James Kelly
Beginning in 1966, Rev. Joel P. Rice
Beginning in 1955, Rev. L. B. Tinsley
Beginning in 1952, Rev. O. F. Bishop
Beginning in 1948, Rev. C. E. Hardison
Beginning in 1948, Rev. M. L. Upton
Beginning in 1935, Rev. H. A. Sheeler
Beginning in 1933, Rev. James Hyder
Beginning in 1932, Rev. L. J. Jenning
Beginning in 1930, Rev. M. S. McConnely
Beginning in 1922, Rev. E. L. Green
Beginning in 1920, Rev. W. H. Sandford
Information before 1907 was unavailable.
Beginning in early 1900's, Rev. T. J. Fletcher



Some of the elders who have served during the life of the church are; Frank Little, Albert Campbell, Hoyle Matthews, Joseph Osment, Jesse C. Tiller, Al. L. Thomas, Howard Thomas, (Lewis Tillery, Sr., Robert Thompson, Frank Little, Walter Tucker, Rufus Walker, Bobby Knox, and Joshua Cates). James Nance, Andy Hodgins, Edna White, and John Peterson


Church Session Clerks

Some of who have served as Clerk are: Daisy R. Little, Willie Bell Tillery, Harvey L. Tillery, Eston Thompson, Henry Johnson, Mattie Benton, Clifford L. Craven, B. C. Young, Jr., Dorothy Moores, Marshall Miles, L. B. Ladd, Parker Batts, Sr., Dr. F. L. Russell, Austin Wood and Ernest Thompson, Jr.


Pastor's Aid Club

Some of those who served are as follows: Norah Kirkpatrick, Maggie Tucker (Under Rev. H. A. Sheeler), Lemuel Moore (Under Rev. H. A. Sheeler), Della Tillery (Under Rev. Joel P. Rice), Pauline Craven (Under Rev. Mitchell Walker), and Lillian Thompson (under Rev. Mitchell Walker).

[Source: Built by the Hands: An Historical Account of Love, Faith and Determination in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in America 1869-2002. Written by Nancy J. Fuqua. Huntsville, Alabama: Executive Committee of the General Assembly, 2002, pages 387-389]

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