West End

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

1895 - 1897

Other Names:
Addison Avenue 1897-1952
Brookhaven 1952 - 2003
In 2003 Brookhaven and Brentwood merged becoming Brenthaven


Other Nashville News.--At the handsome home of Mr. Hamilton Parks on West End avenue last Sunday, at 3 p.m., forty-two adult Cumberland Presbyterians living in that part of the city, with many children, assembled and organized a Sunday School with seventy-seven charter members. Mr. Y. B. Jones is superintendent, Hamilton Parks, assistant superintendent, and Thomas Scoggins, secretary. The organization was fully effected and work will begin next Sunday in a vacant residence, already engaged and furnished for the purpose. This organization is under the direction of the First Church, and has received the cordial approval of Rev. I. D. Steele and other official members of the congregation. The unanimous sentiment of those present was that a church should be the immediate outgrowth of the new organization, and it is believed that before many weeks a church will be in operation and a house of worship built. West End is among the wealthiest parts of the city, and it is understood that there are many hundred members of our denomination living there, many of whom cannot attend the congregations already organized.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, October 10, 1895, page 197]

Nashville, Tenn.--A new Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized in West End yesterday. Fifty-three persons entered the organization, and twenty-three other names were secured. Rev. I. D. Steele and Rev. W. T. Rogers officiated. The new church will begin the holding of regular service Jan. 1. Most of the charter members were of the First Church.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 28, 1895, page 309]

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--At the West End Church last Sunday Mr. L. L. Rice, of "The Cumberland Presbyterian," was ordained as ruling elder, and Mr. Frank Slemons, formerly an elder in the First Edgefield Church, was made an elder in West End.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, November 12, 1896, page 623]

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The first anniversary of West End Church was celebrated Thanksgiving evening. The church has grown from the 61 charter members, to 93; the Sunday school has more than doubled its membership during the year, the contributions in the latter averaging more than five cents per member every Sunday; the Ladies' Aid Society has collected $137, the Endeavor Society numbers 40; Juniors, 35; the congregation is debt-free and growing encouragingly.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, December 10, 1896, page 749

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The West End church has purchased a lot and there is prospect that a house of worship, at least a chapel, may be erected during the coming year. The lot is on the corner of Addison avenue and McGavock street, and is regarded as the best in that section of the city. The name of the church has been changed to the Addison Avenue Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, January 7, 1897, page 887]

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