Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church


Shiloh Presbyterian U.S.A. Church (1907- )

Janesville, Coles County, Illinois

Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1867-1907 (transferred), 1 1/2 mi. NE of Janesville, RFD., Janesville, Coles County.

Organized in October 1867. First and only church building a frame, weatherboard chapel, erected 1875 and dedicated 1877. Transferred to Mattoon Presbytery USA in reunion of 1907. First settled pastor, Rev. John Wesley Wood, 1875-89.

Session Minutes: 1875-89, 3 v. hdw., in custody of B. B. Rodgers, Session Clerk, Shiloh Presbyterian Church USA, RFD. 1, Lerna.
Register: 1889-1907, 2 v. hdw., in custody of Mr. Rodgers.
Sunday School Records: 1889-1907, 2 v. hdw., in custody of Mr. Rodgers.

[Source: Inventory of the Church Archives of Illinois: Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Prepared by Illinois Historical Records Survey, division of community service programs, Work Projects Administration. Chicago, Illinois: Illinois Historical Records Survey, Illinois Public Records Project, February 1942, page 111]



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