Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Pomona, Franklin County, Kansas

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By E. B.

Two years ago our congregation found themselves without a pastor, our house of worship out of date and in bad condition. It was a serious matter to select a minister who had the tact to help us over such a critical situation; but it has been proven that no mistake was made in calling Rev. S. V. Sydenstricker, of Atlanta, Mo. In spite of the peculiar difficulties, and unusual circumstances surrounding our little band, they hopefully rallied and, led by the pastor, regained confidence in themselves, and caused a more kindly feeling to grow between the townspeople and the church. In February, 1903, Mr. Sydenstricker started a subscription paper to raise money for the remodeling of the church building. The good results were surprising to every one. Plans were studied and one selected. In May our pastor went to the General Assembly, and sickness, then the high water during the flood, kept him away five Sundays. Like the disciples of old, without their leader, our people grew somewhat discouraged, and actual work on the building did not begin until the first of October. Then the church was without a home, and only those who have experienced meeting in a dingy, cold, poorly lighted town hall where dances and gatherings of every kind are held during the week, know what a successful damper it is to any church. On the last Sunday of January the congregation assembled in the new church, a modern building with auditorium and lecture room, heated with an excellent furnace, lighted with gasoline vapor light plant, and seated with comfortable oak pews of artistic design. The windows are of leaded art glass of most beautiful designs and colorings, secured from the Jacoby Art Glass Company, and were put in on the memorial plan. The church, inside and out, presents a simple but harmonious and artistic appearance. During these two years substantial additions have been made to the church membership, and we feel better equipped for the Master's work than for several years. The church was dedicated Sunday, March 13.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 24, 1904, page 373]

Name of the Congregation: Pomona Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Clerk of the Session and Post-Office: E. V. Headen, Pomona, Kan.
Pastor: A. Odell
Total Membership: 81
Kansas Presbytery - Kansas Synod
[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1890, page 178]


Name of Church: Pomona Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Clerk of the Session and Post Office: G. N. Cooper, Ottawa, R.D. 3 Kans.
Minister Now In Charge: J. P. Clark
Total Number of Members: 81
Fort Scott Presbytery - Kansas Synod
[Source: Minutes of the General Assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1906, page 66a]

In 1906 this congregation went into the partial union with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

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