Mount Pisgah

Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Viola, Fulton County, Arkansas

History of Mt. Pisgah Cumberland Presbyterian Church


Naomi Hill

The first building for the church was erected in 1884. Previous to that date, the congregation met in a log school house west of the present church. The pews were built of split logs. (I can remember hearing folks talking of hauling lumber in wagons to build the first Cumberland Presbyterian church).

Some of the congregation in the first church were of the Methodist faith. This group later built their own church.

Records for the church are incomplete since they were burned when the home of Mr. Morrow burned. He took the records when he moved from the community. Some of the first members of the church were as follows:

1891-1892 T. H. Harris, moderator; D. T. Anderson, moderator and clerk of session; Harris, Jennings, and Morrow moderators; and Daniel Moser, clerk.

1903 C. C. Morrow, moderator; Charlie Jennings, clerk; G. W. Thompson, moderator; S. W. Perryman, clerk; Green, Scott, and Harris.

1875 On roll were Blackstons, Castleberrys, Gilstraps, LeFevers, Mitchells, Franks, Mosers, Powells, Montgomerys, Blairs, Wards, Dillingers, Sears, Bedwells, and Hunters.

1910 Rev. John Rowden, moderator (He was grandfather of Rev. Remmel Rowden).

1914 A. M. Colson, moderator; P. S. Roberts, clerk.

1917 Rev. John Rowden, moderator; M. M. Ray, clerk.

1918 Rev. Y. Whitfield, moderator; Rev. J. R. Jennings, clerk.

1920 Rev. Y. Whitfield, moderator; P. S. Roberts, clerk.

1933 Rev. Oris Ray, moderator; P. S. Roberts, clerk.

1933 McScudder, moderator; Oris Ray, clerk.

1934 E. W. Jennings (Grandad Allen Dinninger deeded the land for the church and cemetery.)

The present church was built in 1947. Many people supported the present church by donating labor for the building. Willie DeWitt and Eliga Dillinger did part of the carpenter work. In 1978 Sunday School rooms were added. In 1985 Gracie Dillinger Brown made cushions for the pews.

The ministers of the Mt. Pisgah Cumberland Presbyterian church have been as follows: Rev. John Rowden, Rev. Oris Ray, Rev. Remmel Rowden, Rev. Ralph Jennings, Rev. Y. Whitfield, Rev. Garland Skidmore, Rev. L. C. Warner, Bro. Dave Williams, Rev. Charles Faith, Rev. Glenn Benett, Rev. Robinson, Rev. Wayne Wood, and Bro. Larry Harber.

Updated June 6, 2006

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