Holly Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Princeton, Jackson County, Alabama

1850 - present

Robert Donnell Presbytery
Synod of Southeast

Paint Rock Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1850-1860
Holly Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1860-present

Holly Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Princeton, Alabama

The State of Ala. Jackson County.
Jan. the 16, 1850
Organized by D. K. Hunter this day a Congregation known by the name of the Paint Rock Congregation names of Charter members: David B. McCord and wife, Eppie McCord; John Thompson and wife, Elizabeth Thompson; James W. Davis and wife, Hannah F. Davis; Nancy Manly; Martha Manly; Sarah A. Eustis by letter; Elizabeth Creswell by letter.

August 18, 1850
James W. Davis and John Thompson were elected by the congregation and ordained ruling elders by D. K. Hunter..

October 18, 1850
E. J. Stocton taken charge of the Congregation. John S. Martin as ruling elder by letter from the Mt. Carmel Congregation.

September 11, 1852 - August 22, 1853
J. J. Birdine was pastor.

August 22, 1853 - May 12, 1856
D. K. Hunter was pastor.

May 12, 1856 - August 30, 1856
J. R. Morris was pastor. Then J. J. Birdine takes charge as pastor

September 1, 1856
The Congregation moved from its former house of worship near the mouth of Dry Creek to the School house on William Chorn's farm on Lick Fork by Consent without changing the name.

October 19, 1856
J. J. Powers was pastor. J. B. Chorn was elected by the Congregation and ordained Ruling Elder by Rev. J. J. Powers Aug. 23, 1857.

August 14, 1858
William Gayle was pastor until Aug. 14, 1858.

April 16, 1859 - April 21, 1861
J. H. Ervin was pastor. James M. Thompson and Joseph Middleton were elected by the Congregation and ordained Ruling Elders by J. H. Ervin.

October 1, 1860
According to act of the Jackson Presbytery the name of the Church was changed from Paint Rock to Holly Grove. A new church house was built and valued at $4,400.

April 21, 1861 - March 29, 1862
The Congregation was without a pastor.

March 29, 1862 - October 14, 1867
William Gayle was pastor.

October 14, 1867 - March 21, 1868
J. J. Birdine was pastor.

March 21, 1868 - March 20, 1870
William Gayle was pastor.

March 20, 1870
James B. Chorn resigned his Clerkship and James H. Cowen was elected to fill his vacancy.

August 25, 1870 - August 22, 1878
F. M. Proctor was pastor.

August 25, 1870
John Smith was received into the church as Ruling Elder from the Mt. Carmel Congregation.

September 14, 1879 - July 25, 1882
W. W. Thompson was pastor .

July 25, 1882 - September 16, 1883
W. J. Walker was pastor.

September 16, 1883 - 1906
W. W. Thompson was pastor.

Session Records on deposit in archives:
One volume, photocopy - contains brief outline of information from 1850-1887; actual minutes begin July 20, 1888 - September 1938; July 1961 - September 1962.

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