Edgefield Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Stevenson, Jackson County, Alabama

1871 - present

Robert Donnell Presbytery

Synod of Southeast

Other names
Bolivar Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1871-1887
Bolivar and Stevenson 1887-1891
Bolivar Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1891-1982
Edgefield Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1982-present

Edgefield Cumberland Presbyterian Church
c/o Mrs. Merris Powell
852 County Road 104
Stevenson, Alabama 35772

Our History

The Cumberland Presbyterian Congregation was first organized in 1871 as the Bolivar Church of Jackson Presbytery (later Robert Donnell) Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The people first worshiped in a small log room, used both for the church and a school. Later another building was erected for the church. In 1891 the group divided. One branch became the Stevenson Congregation.

Among the founders of the original congregation was Thomas Boyd Foster, the first elder and clerk of the session. He remained active throughout his long life. Some of his descendants are continuing in his tradition of service in this church today.

Among the Cumberland Presbyterian ministers of Edgefield, none has been more esteemed than the Reverend Lewis B. Morgan of South Pittsburg, Tennessee. He had probably the longest continuous record and remained active in his service until his death in 1954, having served as pastor for 45 years.

The Methodists and Cumberland Presbyterians have worshiped together as long as anyone can remember. The Baptists came into the congregation in the late forties. A new building was erected in 1953. Members of the three denominations shared the facility. The congregations worked in harmony until a split occurred in 1981. Most of the Baptist members left and built a new structure down the road from Edgefield Union Church. It has been named the Edgefield Baptist Church. We are fortunate enough to have some of the Baptist congregation still with us.

The Edgefield Union Church in its quiet rural setting stands as a symbol both of the struggle which has been made to maintain the church and of the true community of Spirit which has enabled the denominations to work and worship together.

This congregation was organized in June 1871 through the labors of Rev. E.J. Stockton and Rev. R.D. Shook with the following officers and members (viz), As Elders William McMahan, William U. Jacoway & T. Boyd Foster.
Other members, Sarah E. McMahan, Eleanor Cowan, Sarah E. Rudder, Prudence G. Foster, Margaret K. Foster, Elizabeth Cowan, Malinda P. Cowan, Mary Jacoway, Joel R. Wimberley and Mary E Rosser. Soon after the following members were received, Frances A. Wimberley, and Mary Wimberley (from the Primitive Baptist) Linnie Wimberley, Eveline Tally, Andrew B. Foster, Kate Foster, Mary McMahan, Eliz J. Rudder, Marcus L. Rudder, Martha J. Parker, Alabama Parker, Elizabeth Price, Rice W. Hornbeak, Sarah Hornbeak, James McCoy, Mary Jones, Carrie McCoy, Jane Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Fannie Wimberley, Laurie Jacoway, & Mary E. Davis.
Some years after this Miss Russell & Ada Longacre were received. Since the organization we have lost by death, the following members, Elizabeth Cowan, Sarah Hornbeak, Sarah E. Foster and Margaret K. Foster. Dismissed by letter, Sarah E. Howe, formerly, Sarah E. McMahan and Elizabeth Price.
The foregoing is made from recollection.
The writer, T. Boyd Foster, having been chosen clerk of the session, his house with almost all he had was destroyed by fire in the month of April 1881, the church record was lost.
[Source: Minutes of Bolivar Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 1881-1925]

Session Records on deposit in the archives
Bolivar Cumberland Presbyterian Church - October 8, 1881-February 8, 1925