Beech Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Montgomery County, Tennessee

Located Near Gullinghorn Creek in the Hackberry Community

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March 6, 1884
Charlotte Presbytery met at Beech Grove church - Montgomery County, Tennessee
Moderator - Rev. W. M. Cooley
Assistant Clerk - Rev. J. A. Allison
Stated Clerk - Elder S. M. Wilson
[Source: "Extract of the Minutes of Charlotte Presbytery," The Cumberland Presbyterian, March 27, 1884, page 5]

This church was located near Gullinghorn Creek in the Hackberry community. It was a log structure that was not in existance by 1942 but I do not know what happened to it. It may have merged with Locust Grove. Our home in 1942 was on property adjoining the location, but a log barn had replaced the church by then.
[Source: James E. Davidson]

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